p1090995.jpgHallo, I am Annemarie Bakker and I am a masseuse for TO BE…relaxed. Hereby I would like to give some background information about myself and of how massage has caught my interest, including information about my background education.

In 1987 I finished beauty school and got my beautician diploma (STIVAS). Klassiek (Swedish) massage was part of this education. This subject caught my interest the most. After I had received my diploma I worked for a while in this profession. In 1986 I studied at the pharmacy school in Breda (SVD).

In the summer of 1988 I started to get a desire to travel, so in November 1988 I got my bags and left for America. Here I lived and travelled for seven years. I worked in the USA for different resorts and hotels one of them was Two Bunch Palms in California. Here, relaxation was the main focus, so massage was a very important aspect. It was a pity that I was not able to use my Dutch diploma in the US. What caught my attention in the period that I was living in the US was that massage was a normal part of life for many people. People receive massage on a regular basis; they realize the importance of relaxation for health, in a life style that can be very hectic.

In December 1996 I returned to the Netherlands and worked for 5 years as a nail stylist. In this period I also taught at a learning institute for nail stylists in Rotterdam. In spring 2002 I sold my business and went travelling again. During my travels I became interested again in massage. I noticed that in Asia, especially in China and Thailand, massage a very normal and important form of relaxation and health is. During my time in Thailand I gained my certificates for traditional Thai massage and Thai foot massage at the Old medical school in Chiang Mai.

After returning to the Netherlands in fall 2003, I decided to start to work in the world of massage. I’ve received my sports massage diploma in 2004 at the 1e NVVS in Rotterdam and in addition followed a Hot Stone Massage course. In December 2006 I returned to Thailand to learn more Thai massage techniques as well as the Thai herbal stamp massage. In September 2007 I started a two year education for massage therapists in Dordrecht.

In the last years I got a lot of experience by working as a masseuse for a spa in the Rotterdam area. Since 2004 have I been active at my own practice in Delft, give workshops in traditional Thai massage, give massage on location at clients homes as well as seated chair massage at the workplace.

During my travels I started to discover how people in Asia, Australia and the US are seeing the importance of taking good care of them selves and see massage as a important aspect for relaxation and maintenance of a healthy body. I am glad to see that this consciousness is also growing in the Netherlands. Especially now, when we are more and more living in a busy and hectic society is it of big concern that we take well care of ourselves through healthy eating, sporting and to relax on a regular basis and in that, massage has an important aspect.

Education background

Total Health
Chinfood 5 elementen voeding
Mei 2014

Thaise massage level 3 en 4
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Maart 2012

Hamel College
Mei 2011

HBO medische kennis
Started in September 2009 ( one year education )

massage therapy
May 2009

Nerve touch
Thai massage and herbal stamp massage
Chiang Mai, Thailand
December 2006

Ralph R. Stephens
Seated Therapeutic Massage
September 2005

Thermen Holiday
Hot Stone massage
August 2004

Sport massage
April 2004

The school of Thai Massage SCHIVAGAKOMARPAJ
Thai foot massage
Chiang Mai, Thailand
August 2003

The school of Thai Massage SCHIVAGAKOMARPAJ
Traditional Thai Massage
Chiang Mai, Thailand
August 2003

Pharnaceutical education

Swedisch massage
May 1986